Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct

Message from CEO

The cornerstone of Komatsu’s management philosophy is to commit ourselves to quality and reliability to maximize corporate value. We at Komatsu believe our “Corporate Value” is the total sum of trust given to us by society and all stakeholders.

While Komatsu is expected to achieve its own sound and sustainable growth as a global corporation, a growing number of stakeholders also expect Komatsu to give due consideration to the environmental and social impacts of its business activities, products and services, and to make positive contributions to the sustainable development of society. Komatsu believes that meeting these expectations is our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen, while we seek to find solutions for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues through our core business activities. In addition, a positive cycle of solving ESG issues and improving our earnings is expected to facilitate sustainable growth for Komatsu. Part 1 of “Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct” (the “Code”) provides principles and standards for responsible business conduct that Komatsu follows to fulfill its social responsibilities.

For Komatsu to continue to earn the trust of society, each and every employee of Komatsu is required to act in good faith, ethically and in compliance with laws, regulations and other rules generally recognized and respected by society (the “Rules”). Accompanied by examples, Part 2 of the Code contains select universally applicable rules which set the code of conduct that must be followed by all employees of Komatsu, including myself.

As mentioned earlier, the Code does not cover all the Rules to be observed. Details or particular applications of the Rules may also vary depending on the country or region. When dealing with specific problems, each and every employee, including the management of each division and company, must work together to resolve the problems, following the principles and standards set forth in the Code and in line with the rules of the actual workplace (Gemba), the real thing (Gembutsu), and the real situation (Genjitsu).

All employees of Komatsu are also expected to make decisions in accordance with the priority order of “Safety (and Health), Law (Compliance), Quality, Delivery, and Cost”, and to give the highest priority to Safety, Health and Compliance over all other principles. In addition, the “Five Principles of Compliance” demonstrate basic actions in order to comply with the Rules, and in particular, strictly prohibit covering up or disregarding any wrongdoings or mistakes in violation of the Rules.

All employees of Komatsu should understand the meaning and purpose of social responsibility and compliance described above, act in accordance with Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct, and strive to grow further as a company with increasing societal trust.

April 1, 2021

Hiroyuki Ogawa
President and CEO, Komatsu Ltd.

Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct