Komatsu Hybrid System for excavators

In 2008, Komatsu launched the very first hydraulic excavator equipped with a fully functional and efficient hybrid system. Today, thousands of Komatsu Hybrid machines are working around the world and our technology is still unmatched in the industry.
Komatsu Hybrid Technology
Ground-breaking technology
The electric swing motor/generator captures and regenerates energy as the upper structure slows down and converts it into electric energy. The captured energy is stored in the ultra-capacitor and used by the generator/motor to assist the engine when it needs to accelerate. 
Komatsu Hybrid System for excavators
Environmentally friendly
With Komatsu’s unique hybrid system, dependable and durable Komatsu components harness free kinetic energy, convert it to electricity for a powerful and quiet performance and help to reduce your carbon footprint and fuel consumption by up to 40%. Enjoy a new work experience with the most reliable and technologically advanced excavators in the industry.
Komatsu Hybrid Technology
Less Fuel – Less emissions

Komatsu’s hybrid system can reduce your fuel consumption and emissions by up to 40%.

Engine management is enhanced and the optimal speed matching of the engine and hydraulic pumps guarantee efficiency and precision during single and combined movements.

Komatsu Hybrid Technology
Ultra-capacitor Assembly
The ultra-capacitor assembly includes an inverter that switches the AC electricity from the generator motor and swing motor into DC electricity for storage in the capacitor. Since capacitors require migration of electrons and ions for charging and discharging, they can transfer power much faster than batteries, which use chemical reactions to produce electricity