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Komatsu Simulators

The Komatsu simulators provide a realistic training experience for your operators to improve safety and efficiency. With simulated events and full motion experience, operators can be trained in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way before starting operations on real machines. The practical challenges improve their skills and increase their Komatsu machine knowledge, without risk of injury or damage to any equipment.

Komatsu Simulators
Self-paced and guided learning anytime, anywhere

With the Komatsu simulator you can train and prepare both new and experienced operators. The basics are learned through step by step guidance, machine control familiarization, real-time feedback and exercises to respond to emergencies and faults.

Operators’ performance is reviewed and tracked by an easy-to-use dashboard that focuses on improvement of safety, productivity and machine utilization.

Komatsu Simulators
Realistic training experience that improve safety and efficiency

Learners are guided through different training courses, which get them familiar with basic controls and operation procedures. They learn how to respond to faults and emergencies and will have to perform a full production cycle to show their skills to reach the production target while focusing on safety and efficient operation.

Komatsu Simulators
Training report

During the training courses, the simulator will track and provide feedback on operator errors, which are based on feedback of global quarry and mining site operators. 

Komatsu Simulators
Flexibility and adaptability to maximize your investment

The Komatsu simulators give you that Komatsu feeling and unbeatable real-world simulation. Choose the simulator configuration that suits your needs. From a compact computer unit with LCD monitor and OEM switches and controls which is easily portable, up to a triple screen setup with full-motion seat to give operators the full virtual experience. The simulators’ model range is expanding and can be configured on the simulator base station, to provide you with the flexibility to change your training tool depending on your operator’s needs.