Electric Dump Trucks


960E-2K Electric Drive Mining Truck

Komatsu’s 960E-2K mining truck offers a 327 metric ton payload with the durability and reliability found in all of our electric drive trucks.

Komatsu’s SSDA18V170 engine was designed and developed by Industrial Power Alliance (IPA) technical joint venture between Komatsu and Cummins®. This 2610 kW 3,500 HP engine will operate in most of today’s mining applications without experiencing power derate. Fuel efficiency is maximized due to optimized air handling with two-stage turbocharging. A standard pre-lube system is designed to eliminate start-up wear and increase overhaul life.

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Engine Power
2610/3500 kW/HP
Max. Speed
64,5 km/h
Body Capacity
214 m³ SAE
Rated Payload
327 t.