Mining excavators


The PC8000-11 is the most powerful hydraulic excavators in our product range. The engine power is 2 x 1500 kW / 2 x 2010 HP @ 1800 rpm. The operating weight is from 752 - 773 ton. The shovel capacity is 42m³, the backhoe capacity 42m³. It matches from 240 to 400 U.S. ton trucks.
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Engine Power
3000/4020 kW/HP
Bucket Capacity
42 m³
Operating Weight
752-773 t.

Tailored to your needs, the hydraulic mining excavators manufactured at Komatsu Germany GmbH – Mining Division (PC3000-11, PC4000-11, PC5500-11, PC7000-11, PC8000-11) are equipped with diesel or electric drive trains as well as front shovel or backhoe attachments supporting your application. With our state-of the-art technology we are minimizing your cost per ton.

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